About NextClinica

What We Do

NextClinica is the next horizon in medical care, connecting and empowering patients and providers through web-based technology. We were founded by practicing physicians and educators with a goal of creating products that improve patient understanding of their diseases, including discharge instructions in both English and Spanish in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand video format.

Our website is a hub of current and preventative health information because we believe that patient empowerment is imperative to creating healthier, better lives. Our  health blog  for patients contains information on everything from nutrition, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, well-being and preventative lifestyles, and more.

We also include a provider education section with a well-being focus, because we are all in it together. We believe that physicians and nurses should understand and promote their own well-being, so that they can stay healthy and happy, and deliver the best care possible.

Who We Are

Soumya Ganapathy, MD

Soumya is board certified in emergency medicine and integrative medicine and the founder of NextClinica. She also has an interest in patient education and patient satisfaction, and has served on patient experience committees at various hospitals. In addition, she has a background in film making and has used her film making skills to enhance patient education.

Srini Marri

Srini has deep domain knowledge in healthcare information systems, and has designed and implemented many BizTalk-based architectures that support the HIPAA EDI and HL7 standards. He is a brilliant strategist who finds creative ways to solve complex problems. He recently finished developing an iOS and Android app to help patients track chronic diseases.

Annie Hall
Annie is an editor and writer with experience working at a medical journal, as a content editor and writing director for online publications, and as a program and research associate for a national nonprofit. She enjoys using her adaptability and diverse skill set to navigate around every detail without losing sight of the big picture, while keeping systems organized and flowing smoothly.


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