Our Mission

Our mission is clear. We provide a health resource for people who want to take control of their health care and are seeking alternatives to the pharmaceutical driven model that dominates most of medical care. We believe that pharmaceuticals and prescriptions are important, but that pills can’t solve everything. For true health, one needs to address the root cause of illnesses, not just treat the symptoms. At NextClinica, we connect our clients with carefully selected physicians to help reach a goal of overall wellness.

About NextClinica

NextClinica connects and empowers patients and providers through web-based technology. We were founded by practicing physicians and educators with a goal of improving your understanding of medical conditions and providing useful information on how you can attain optimal health. Our website is a hub of preventative health information because we believe that patient empowerment is imperative – we want you to have the tools to improve your health. Our health blog contains current health information including information on nutrition, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, preventative lifestyles and more.

About Personalized Healthcare

Good health is more than just the absence of disease: It is a state of mind and body. You have the potential to live at your personal best – physically, mentally, and emotionally. This might require medications for some, dietary changes for others, or even surgery. But one size, or one treatment, does not fit all. Medicine should be personalized and individualized.

What can you do?

Education is the key to health empowerment. The NextClinica website provides rich resources: our blogs and newsletters are filled tips on improving your health and news on developments in health and wellness. You can schedule an online health learning session here with a licensed health professional.

NextClinica also promotes organizations that provide factual information on a wide range of diseases and physical conditions. Some of our favorite resources include:

If you are interested in getting more informed about your health, consider an online health learning session or click here to send us an email with your questions.

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