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Super Easy Mind-Body Techniques for Hospital Workers

Hospitals are a culture unlike any other. In many ways they function just like any other workplace environment. But anyone who even visits a hospital can quickly recognize that the work done there by staffers requires a special kind of person and an extraordinary commitment to the health care profession. The rest of the population shows up at hospitals to receive acute care, potentially life-saving treatment, or reassurance that they and their loved ones are properly looked after, 24/7.

Super Easy Mind-Body Techniques

That puts a huge demand and responsibility on the shoulders of hospital workers, who must maintain a calm, patient, highly professional demeanor – even when under great duress. So here are some helpful mind-body techniques that are very easy to do and can give you wonderful relief from the stress you may experience on the job.

Super Easy Mind-Body Techniques

Remind Yourself to Breathe!

Whenever you feel your blood pressure rising and the stress accumulating, remember to breathe. Pay attention to your diaphragm, breath slowly and deeply. That simple act can instantly help you find your “center” and feel grounded and calm.

Use Visualization Techniques

As you breathe those calming breathes visualize all of the stress you feel on the in-breath. Then, as you slowly exhale, visualize all of that tension and mental agitation leaving your body and evaporating. It may sound very “new age,” but even Navy SEALS use this kind of effective technique.

Nourish Yourself with Solitude

Super Easy Mind-Body Techniques

Wherever you work, find a personal sanctuary. Maybe it’s in the hospital chapel or on the roof, or just a quiet corner of a stairwell. Retreat there when the chaos becomes too much and treat yourself to a few precious minutes of pure solitude.

Calm Down Your Diet

You are what you eat, so to ensure healthier mind/body alignment eat a balanced, nutritious diet. But avoid the sugars and caffeinated drinks because those can cause irritating spikes in blood sugar, dehydration, and an elevated heart rate – all of which make you antsy and less able to stay cool, calm, and collected.

As the old saying goes, “physician, heal thyself.” Whether you are an actual physician or work in a hospital setting in some other capacity, you need to take care of yourself – for the sake of your own wellness and work/life balance. So consider incorporating these mind-body techniques into your lifestyle as a daily habit. You’ll feel better and be able to perform at your best for the betterment of your entire hospital team and the patients whom you serve.

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